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E-Mail Database

Recently purchased 9.1 million OTC/Pink Sheet Investor Database, plus a 3 million qualified investor email list with a net worth of 5 million plus.  This takes roughly 13 days as we send out 1 million per night, we then gather the interested emails that were harvested off of the initial send and then resend a larger more expansive view of the company, as we know there was interest from the initial send.  These are 'Targeted Potential Investors".  This service is sent from our service which is A+ BBB rated , CAN-SPAM compliant with double opt out features and scrubbed bi-monthly.  We never send out anything unless it's public knowledge, with no price targets ever.  We show what the company really is and let investors make and educated decision on the company themselves.

Front Page Stocks / Small Cap Stocks / Small Cap Authority

Our sites act as a podium for our featured companies to talk to their audience - the investors.  We provide a place for a company to host a profile, an animated banner ad describing your company in its true light, Business Plans, Executive Summaries, Slide Decks, your companies stock quote and automatic press release tracking.  We can provide audio interviews downloadable as podcasts.  All of these services are provided free to the end user, with no fees, making it easy for your company to talk to investors.





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